Center  for Equitable Regional Development (CenTriR) is non-governmental and non-profitable association of citizens founded in February 2010 in order to support different civil initiatives oriented toward sustainable and equitable local and regional development in Serbia.

It gathers group of young politicologists with a considerable working experience in civil and public sector who seek to solve a problem of systematic marginalization of questions relative to equitable regional development, sustainable local development and decentralization in Serbia. These topics are normally being put forward in the pre-electoral period on the part of different political parties, that regularly leave them ad acta as soon as they come to power. This is only the way to indefinitely postpone the modernization of political system in Serbia by preventing planning and achievement of sustainable and equitable regional development since a decision-making in this field remains far from influence of citizens and experts. Besides, preserving status quo would mean denial of one of the basic civil rights – right to live in a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment, while the Serbian society as a whole can make progress towards adaptation to changes in the world order only if it supports and promotes sustainable and equitable development of all its parts. 

Masarikova 5/VI sprat, 11000 Beograd • Tel: + 381 63 8129 119 • E-mail: office@centrir.org