In order to achieve its goals, CenTriR:

  • provides advisory, expert and all other support to initiatives in many different fields (sustainable local development, implementation of the EU standards, building and strengthening of human capacities of the local self-governments, environmental protection, rural development, infrastructural development, cross-border cooperation, support to youth politics, improvement of social services, development of renewable energy sources, work with minority and marginalized groups etc.) initiated on the local and regional level;
  • organizes individually, or in cooperation with other organizations and institutions, conferences, consultations, seminars, trainings and other forms of professional education in the field of planning and implementation of local development projects and creation of strategic development strategies;
  • organizes campaigns, public debates and media events which aim to promote an idea about regionalization of Serbia based on institution of sustainable regions and mitigation of consequences of their unbalanced development;
  • participates in designing and carrying out of scientific, expert and research projects in the field of sustainable local and regional development;
  • publishes publications and brochures in the field of sustainable local and regional development.
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